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13 Days In Hell

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13 Days In Hell is a game about zombies where the main mission of the player is to survive 13 days in the zombie apocalypse. There are 13 waves of zombies coming to get you and every time you move to the next day, their power begin to rise. New type of zombies are coming to kill you, they wear armor and run very fast. Even though that you unlock new weapons which are much accurate and stronger, it is practically impossible to complete all 13 levels of the game. After 6th day the crowd of zombies become so powerful and fast, that you just can't kill them all. Another thing that you should keep in mind is the ammo. Your ammo is limited, so use it wisely. Even though that 13 Days In Hell don't have very good graphics, I really enjoyed playing it. Now you can also try it for free at the official homepage of the game at 13DaysInHell.com